The brand:

The name Threenity, centered on the "three" (number three in English) has special reasons for the creators of the brand: the elements earth, sky and sea, the balance between mind, body and soul, being 3 partners and the third successful brand operated by them. Furthermore, the symbol used by the brand is the triqueta, which can be used for many different purposes, but also works perfectly as a protection charm.


A strong brand is always remembered for a strong and impactful slogan. "Because I am" (because I am) has a strong and inclusive impact. This slogan deals with the empowerment of those who carry the brand and have their own style, who are proud to be what they are, maintaining their essence and personality in the most varied moments and stages of life.

Because I am capable!
Because I am strong!
Because I can!

Because everything is possible if I make an effort

Because I am


Offer customers from various nations modern and high-quality products. Through our brand, make them feel and live the "Because I am" experience through their lifestyles, personalities and stories.


Achieve international brand recognition, with a presence on all continents, in the main airports of the world and offer business opportunities through the franchise model.
Always maintain strategies so that the entire process of brand growth becomes a channel of personal growth for everyone involved in this project.

Where we are

- Forum Buenavista shopping center, 1st floor - Mexico City

- Barceló Maya Caribe Hotel - Rivera Maya - Quintana Roo

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